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Admission Requirements

San Jacinto Unified School District
Criteria and Process for Referral to Alternative Education Programs

Referrals for All Students to Mountain View/Mountain Heights

  • Alternative Education placement referrals are only used for students who are currently enrolled in San Jacinto High School.
  • Students new to the district (who live in SJUSD with address verification) must enroll at San Jacinto High School with the exception for students who were enrolled in an Alternative Education program in their previous district. If Alternative Education enrollment from the previous district is verified by documentation (and the student lives in SJUSD with address verification), the student will be able to enroll at Mountain View High School. Do not use the referral form for students who were previously enrolled in an Alternative Education program in another district.
  • Alternative Education referrals require parent agreement. If the parent does not sign the referral form indicating agreement, then the student will remain at San Jacinto High School.
  • A referral is a request for placement. Students will not be dropped from San Jacinto High School until enrolled at Mountain View/Mountain Heights.
  • Alternative Education referrals are based on the individual needs of students based on credit deficiency or extenuating circumstances. Ninth grade students are not referred to Alternative Education for credit deficiency.
  • Identify the applicable interventions that were implemented at San Jacinto High School prior to the referral.
  • Students with Disabilities must have a change of placement IEP meeting with the parent, student, and staff from school of attendance and Mountain View/Mountain Heights before referral is completed. Indicate date of IEP meeting on the referral form.
  • Students referred to Mountain View High School need to be 16 years of age or older.
  • Students referred to Mountain Heights (Independent Study) should have scored at the Basic level on the CSTs in ELA or passed the CAHSEE. A reading assessment will be administered if the student does not have current records. Exceptions can be made if the student attends the 2-hour/4 day weekly program and is enrolled in the READ 180 class.
  • Seniors are given priority for enrollment.
  • San Jacinto High School staff will send the referral form to Mountain View/Mountain Heights and call to schedule an appointment time for the family.
  • Parent requests for Alternative Education placement are referred to the Student & Community Support Department using the intra-district transfer process. Do not use the referral forms if parents request referrals/transfers to Alternative Education.

Students with Disabilities (IEP)

  • Change of Placement IEP meeting must include parent, staff from MVHS and school of attendance, and must be held before placement is made. Attach the Change of Placement IEP to the referral.
  • IEP team must agree and be able to defend an offer of FAPE to an Alternative Education program as an appropriate placement where the student can make educational progress.
  • Academic SDC students should be placed in SDC program (5 x/wk, 4 hours/day).
  • If making an exception for good cause, the IEP should indicate recommendation to attend the 2-hour independent study program (4-days a week) and not the one-hour program.
  • RSP Students:
    • Consult: SpEd teacher and GenEd teacher meet to discuss progress and instruction for student. If students are on IS coming in only once per week, it may not be necessary for SpEd teacher and GenEd teacher to meet weekly; 1x/month for 15-20 minutes may be sufficient to discuss progress and/or modifications to assignments.
    • Collaboration: Typically a “co-teaching” setting with GenEd/SpEd providing services simultaneously to student. This may be more appropriate for the RSP students actually attending classes. This service would vary depending on the needs of the student.
    • Pull-out RSP: These services would vary based on student needs. The services would be dependent on the schedule of student and staff (MVHS has a list of available times for staff).
  • Students new to the district must enroll at San Jacinto High School unless current IEP reflects a placement at a continuation high school from another district. If continuation placement is verified by documentation, the student will be able to enroll at Mountain View High School. Forward information to the District Special Education Department for interim placement process.
  • Do not use the referral form for students new to the district.

Other Information

  • Home Hospital students who are long-term should have the HH teacher complete the report card.